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The music of the rain, is there a more peaceful sound? 

Music was a part of my life from a young age. I started playing flute in elementary school and continued all the way through college. Yes, I was a proud, flute (and piccolo) toting band nerd, and VERY proud of it!

But music, music is something that has power. As I’m writing this post, it is raining outside, which is extremely rare for Southern California. But it gave me a sense of peace and calm as I listened to the soft sound and looked outside towards the street lights at the images that were softly blurred by the raindrops. It reminded me that even the Earth needs to stop and refresh itself sometimes.

“The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen.”
– Shakepeare

So I sat down, next to the open window, closed my eyes and listened to the symphony as it played. It made me think about the next time the cacophony of the day gets too loud or overwhelming (imagine: kids yelling, phone ringing, something crashing to the floor, crying, shouting, etc.) to stop and drink in the sound as music instead of noise.  We all need reminders to pause, breathe and reset! Thank you rain for the reminder!


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