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Alicia Roberts

Hello Friends,

I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Alicia Roberts. I’m a Midwest girl living in a West Coast world. I spent many cold, gray winters in Michigan and Chicago, and have now settled in Southern California. Although I sometimes feel like a fish out of water here, I love the sunshine and not having to brave the snow. However, it’s taken me almost 10 years to finally learn that the mountains are to the north and the ocean is to the west. (Thank goodness for GPS!)

I am married to my kind and hard-working husband and have 2 children. I am Working Mom, Wife and Blogger. I work as a speech pathologist during the day and an entrepreneur in the spare moments in between being a wife and mom. Life is never dull!

I have always lived my life in a safe way. Never taking big risks. Not pushing myself. Living small. That was until 2015, during a girl’s only weekend with my college roommates. It was over dinner and drinks one night, we were chatting about the future and goals (I’m sure we were several cocktails in by this point). One of my friends started to talk about how she set a goal for herself to do things that scared the SH…(you know what) out of her. And this struck a chord with me. I had NEVER done anything that scared the SH- – out of me.  EVER.  On the plane ride home, back to my safe life with my husband and 2 children, I began to think, What the Heck am I Waiting For?!

It was not long after that weekend that I took matters into my own hands and jumped head first, into the world of direct sales/network marketing. I asked my husband, in that I told  him that it was something that I wanted to try for myself. He was skeptical but didn’t stop me. I’m not going to push this world on anyone that lands on my blog, because I totally understand that direct sales/network marketing is NOT everyone’s cup of decaf tea, but what I WILL do is share some of the things that inspire me, amaze me, surprise me, frustrate me, encourage me, and have helped me learn to Embrace My Beautiful Vibe.

I have come to learn that no one is perfect. Nothing in life comes with a guarantee. And for me, it was fear that was holding me back. I was so afraid to fail, that I was not living my life. I hope to inspire, educate, and encourage you to embrace your fears so that you can live your life freely. Your vibe and YOU truly deserve it!

your beautiful vibe

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