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5 Things to Do Just for YOU Today

As women, and moms often forget to put ourselves on the “to do” list.  We take care of our kids, our partner, our home, dinner, dishes, bathtime, laundry, etc. before we even begin to think about ourselves.  And when we finally to get a split second to think of ourselves, we are so exhausted that we either fall asleep, cry, or throw our hands in the air in defeat! Well, ladies, it’s time, you have my permission to take a few moments all to yourself today! Do ONE Thing that is just for you! 

  • Take a walk- ALONE.
  • Even if it’s just down to the corner, or around the block. Take a moment and get out into nature, breathe the fresh air, stretch your legs and clear your mind.
  • Linger in the shower
  • Make sure the kids are looked after, lock the bathroom door, turn on the hot water, and let it run over your shoulders. Breathe in the steam.
  • Look through a photo album
  • I love pulling out my wedding album, pictures of the kids when they were tiny,  or even walking down memory lane with photos from high school (oh the fashion mistakes)
  • Read
  • Pick up your favorite magazine (for me it’s People) and flip through the pages. I love to look at the celebrity photos, expecially when they are dressed up for red carpet events. Or pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read (the one that’s collecting dust on your nightstand) and start reading a few pages, see if it’s worth your time
  • Put on lipstick
  • If you’re like me, you put on the least amount of makeup possible to look like a human (and not a zombie) and rush to get everyone ready and out the door. Take a moment and put on some lipstick, or lip gloss, and see where it leads you today!

It doesn’t take much or very long to do one thing for yourself. Don’t forget to add yourself to the list and take care of you!

That is your favorite thing to do that’s just for you.  Be sure to leave me a comment below. 

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