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5 Simple Ways to Winterize Your Skin

Who loves winter?

Did you notice that my hand is not raised? That’s right. This Midwest girl now lives in Southern California for a reason. I spent more than my fair share of winters bundling up, trudging through the snow and dealing with the bitter cold. Lucky for me, I met and married a man who brought me to the West Coast. Yeah, no more shoveling snow! But while my body has adjusted to the Los Angeles weather (yes, we really do think that 60 is cold) my skin still has not.

Did you know that when the temperature drops, so does your skin’s moisture level? I didn’t know that either until recently. So during the winter months, it’s important to winterize your skincare routine. A little bit of housekeeping here first, I am not a dermatologist. If you have serious skin issues, please consult a doctor. I’m here to give you a few of my favorite tips and tricks for helping your skin weather the winter.

  1. Hydrate. Yep you heard it here first…drink more water. Your skin and your body will be happier when it is properly hydrated. But, how much water do you need to drink per day?  Check out this Hydration Calculator to find out how much water is right for you.
  2. Exfoliate. It may sound silly for me to tell you to scrub your skin when it’s already dry and flaky, but trust me on this one. Gentle exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells that can build up as your skin dries out.  So, not matter how much lotion you try to rub on your skin, it cannot properly soak in. The best creams in the world will not fully work if they are sitting on top of dead skin.
  3. Moisturize. In the winter, it’s important to pump up your moisturizing routine. What works for the skin in the summer, doesn’t always cut it in the winter. Consider adding a heavier moisturizer to your nighttime routine.  The dryer your skin is, the thicker your moisturizer needs to be. Beauty editors at Allure magazine (link) recommend looking for a moisturizer with ingredients like glycerin or sorbitol, which are humectants that help pull moisture from the air into your skin. Also look for products containing ceramides, which help to replace the skin’s natural oils. During the day, please remember to still use a moisturizer with an SPF to protect from the UV rays. (Yes, UV rays are still around, even in the winter). Not only can UV rays lead to cancer, but they can also prevent the skin from holding onto moisture.  Score one more point for SPF!!!
  4. Shower. Not only will the person next to you appreciate this step, but it can help your skin too. It might be tempting to run that shower on hot during the cold, winter months, but your skin would better appreciate a warm shower. And remember how we talked about moisturizing your skin. Well, guess what…studies have shown that if you apply your body lotion within 3 minutes of getting out of the shower, your skin will better retain the moisture. So towel off and rub on that lotion!
  5. Take care of your lips. This may be my most important piece of advice. As a person who talks for a living (I’m a speech pathologist by trade), my lips are my life line. Dry, cracked and chapped lips are not fun. They hurt, turn red, and can sometimes bleed. Plus, with all of those winter colds flying around, we do a lot more mouth breathing that we should, which dehydrates our body (see tip #1) and dries out our lips. Once cracked, your lips take a long time to heal because they are constantly in use. So mind your lips. Look for a lip balm or better yet a lip renewing serum to apply at night to help those chapped lips. This one of my favorites GoTos lip renewing serums when the winter weather gets my lips red, sore and cracked.

Stay beautiful this winter.  What are your favorite ways to keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful during the winter? Would love to from you, just leave a comment below!

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